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A Boston based PR and marketing company that represents b2b technology, crypto, and healthcare clients. 5 years of CMO experience prior to specializing in PR has given us an edge on getting the attention of tier one journalists.

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How PlayerOne Allows Everyone to Build a Metaverse

The Player One platform, which presently includes creation tools, social scenes, NFT marketplaces, and P2E gameplay, is designed to allow anybody to construct a metaverse.

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Why Financial Technology Is the Driving Force of eCommerce

There is a trend of people choosing to buy goods online rather than in physical stores more and more.

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Quimby Melton On How We Need To Redefine Success

Be Flexible. Having a vision does not mean being inflexible. Jeff Bezos has a great line that he’s “Firm on vision and flexible on details.” Know where you’re trying to go, but be flexible on the paths that take you there.

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Vocodia Named Top Florida Tech Startup 2022

Vocodia today has announced that they have been named Top Florida Tech Startup 2022, by StartupCity, in appreciation of their relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation.

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Best credit cards with buy now, pay later options

If you’ve noticed more “buy now, pay later” options available while you’re online shopping, you’re not imagining things. Still, are buy now, pay later services a good idea? Plus, what’s the better option?

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21 bathroom tile design ideas, from trendy to timeless

Bathroom tile is a major investment, so choose a pattern you can love for years. Designers say that tile should be the foundation on which the rest of the bathroom is built.

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Who Will Be Considered Middle Class Post-Pandemic?

As the world eyes, in the horizon, some version of a post-pandemic life, it’s strikingly clear that things won’t ever be exactly as they were before Covid.

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AI in supply chain ‘is where Internet was in the 1990s’

Manufacturing solutions specialist AI Valio says supply chain only scratching surface of what’s possible with artificial intelligence in value chain.

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Why Biden’s Electric Vehicle Charging Plan Might Be Falling Short

Earlier this month the Biden administration released a plan to build a network of 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations across the country.

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Donating Crypto to Ukraine

As Russia began to invade Ukraine, the Ukrainian government asked the world for aid in the form of cryptocurrency. Crypto investors have since donated more than $59 million to the cause, according to blockchain analytics company Elliptic.

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How Does Your Phone Know Which Calls Are Spam?

If you have a phone in the United States, you’ve probably gotten a call from Susie about your car’s extended warranty. Or Carol who needs to tell you about recent changes that will impact your student loans.

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New York Real Estate Is On the Mend

The recovery is tenuous, but renters are returning, buyers are getting deals, and those who stayed are finding a measure of vindication.

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Created Pre Op Patient education videos. Each have over 200k views

Built data set of all NYC landlords. Managed publications in NY Times, Bloomberg, and Globe Street.

Delivered publications in Insider, Yahoo TV, and the Philadelphia Inquirer

Delivered publications in MarketWatch, GoBanking Rates, Yahoo, and others

Delivered publications in IBM, Supply Chain Digital, Yahoo and more

Published in Grit Daily, CMS Wire, Small Business Computing, and more

Published in Built, Thrive Global, Yahoo and others

Published in MONEY, The Street, CoinDesk, Benzinga and more.

Published in Irish Tech News, Grit Daily, and MarTech News. Interviewed with WSJ and CoinDesk.

Published in Coin Telegraph, The Defiant, Cyber News, Invest like a Boss, and others



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