Changing PR from the ground up

Better PR starts with good stories and new technologies

Using its background in marketing and communications, the Lightyear Strategies team has built a digital marketer’s approach to public relations


Nima Olumi

Nima Olumi is an economist and philosopher from Newton, MA with 4.5 years of CMO experience prior to finding his niche in public relations. Nima has been quoted in notable outlets such as the New York Times, The Boston Globe, UpJourney and others.

Liam Murphy

Liam Murphy is a computer science and mathematics student at Boston College. His interests include machine learning, systems engineering, and DevOps engineering.

Nathan Kolodney

Nathan has had a passion for journalism since College, previously writing for the Wesleyan Argus, Study Breaks Magazine and BlendTW. His favorite publications are Architecture Digest and The Atlantic. Outside of work he's an avid photographer, and enjoys watching Celtics games on the weekends.

William Whitman

Will is known for bringing out-of-the-box ideas and strong communication skills to the teams he works with, and has the creative talent to help bring them to life. He is a passionate artist with skills in graphic/logo/web design. He has experience promoting a variety of industries, especially technology, cryptocurrency, and media/design.

Olivia Demetriades

Olivia brings her journalism and marketing experience at Northwestern University to the table to handle the ins and outs of media relations at Lightyear Strategies. In the past she has written for publications such as The Daily Northwestern and Spoon University. In her free time she enjoys solving crossword puzzles, cooking for her roommates, and walking along Chicago’s lakefront.

Chris Cherniakov

Originally from Ukraine, Chris, a Colgate University graduate, brings his strong foundation in the data science and machine learning fields to the table. As the head of the data science team at Lightyear Strategies, he is responsible for developing data-driven solutions that ensure the best results for our clients.


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