Changing PR from the ground up

Better PR starts with good stories and new technologies

Using its background in marketing and communications, the Lightyear Strategies team has built a digital marketer’s approach to public relations


Nima Olumi

Nima Olumi is the CEO of Lightyear Strategies. A Boston based public relations and software development company. He handles and writes communications to the press for over a dozen US businesses, and leads a team of seven engineers. Nima is a passionate economist, he’s been quoted in Forbes, CNN, the NY Times, and the Boston Globe. He focuses on building quality software products for the PR industry. In his free time he enjoys skiing, golfing, and time with his family.

Codrin Cobzaru

For the past 4 years, Codrin has been thriving at the intersection between business and technology. His entrepreneurial spirit, thirst for innovation, and creative problem-solving approaches are just a few of the catalysts that he brings to each project he is working on.

Moritz Hain

Born and raised in Dillenburg, Germany, Moritz is a people-focused leader with a passion for solving issues. He found his passion for helping others during his time as a teacher and continues to strive to improve the day-to-day lives of others. In his free time he's a freelance soccer scout with connections to many large European clubs

Madeleine Baughn

Madeleine brings previous start-up, consulting, venture capital, crypto and design/branding experience to her role. Through her 3D rendering skills, she has developed VR metaverse galleries and consulted with many people in the crypto/NFT and design industries.
She's also a furniture designer and 3D visualizer passionate about curation and storytelling. Her personal mission is to bring a sense of "je ne sais quoi" to everything she does.

Mansi Shah

Mansi Shah is a backend engineer with extensive experience in building modern, cloud-native web applications. She is passionate about system design, infrastructure and observability. When not geeking out over tech, she enjoys doing yoga, exploring new restaurants and occasionally playing badminton.

Chathuranga Bandara

Chathuranga is a senior software developer with around a decade of experience in technology startups and enterprises in the domains of publishing, healthcare, and blockchain. Outside work, he likes to trade cryptocurrency and travel and is an avid fitness enthusiast.

Raylen Margono

Raylen made a name for himself as the founding engineer at Harness Wealth, where he built and led teams to build Harness's flagship financial advisory and PFM software from the ground up. Raylen brings a wealth of product, go-to-market, and management experience to support PRMonkey as we grow.

William Whitman

Will is known for bringing out-of-the-box ideas and strong communication skills to the teams he works with, and has the creative talent to help bring them to life. He is a passionate artist with skills in graphic/logo/web design. He has experience promoting a variety of industries, especially technology, cryptocurrency, and media/design.

Liam Murphy

Liam Murphy is a computer science and mathematics student at Boston College. His interests include machine learning, systems engineering, and DevOps engineering.

Chris Cherniakov

Originally from Ukraine, Chris, a Colgate University graduate, brings his strong foundation in the data science and machine learning fields to the table. As the head of the data science team at Lightyear Strategies, he is responsible for developing data-driven solutions that ensure the best results for our clients.

Aleksei Rutkovskii

Aleksei Rutkovskii is a Computer Engineering student at UMass Amherst. At Lightyear Strategies, he builds and maintains the backend systems to facilitate smooth delivery of data-driven solutions to the clients.

Nathan Kolodney

Nathan has had a passion for journalism since College, previously writing for the Wesleyan Argus, Study Breaks Magazine and BlendTW. His favorite publications are Architecture Digest and The Atlantic. Outside of work he's an avid photographer, and enjoys watching Celtics games on the weekends.


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