Getting the most out of your press release

There’s no reason to be nervous when publishing a press release. Some press releases get a lot of good publicity, but others gain little traction, are poorly received, or the timing just doesn’t work. Luckily, this press release-related anxiety is preventable. Here are a few ways to guarantee that your press releases get the most bang for their buck.

Leave it to the experts

The best press release writing services specialize in doing one thing really well, saving your business much of the hassle and anxiety of writing quality copy that captures the media’s attention. Make sure you have someone who thoroughly understands your business or organization goals, along with those of the media, when writing your press release. Each press release submitted through Lightyear Strategies receives over 500+ backlinks to boost domain authority and general searchability. 

Utilize your network

Taking advantage of your network is another way you can help ensure you get the largest press release to reach possible. We recommend making a list of people with social followings on LinkedIn/ Twitter within your personal network, encouraging them to share the story once it comes out. 

Quality over quantity

The top pr firms will tell you that the best press releases prioritize quality over quantity. Keep your copy short and concise, with the most newsworthy elements at the top. Include images and leave a point of contact. Journalists can always follow up for more details.

  • Public Relations Technology  – available software is antiquated and lacks ingenuity..  – 

How sourcing and organizing 500+ Journalist queries per day allows public relations companies and investors to see the “hotness” of certain trends i.e. how popularity in NFTs rose tremendously in the months of Feb/March compared to Oct-Dec – 

  • Problem – so many queries and so little time
    • Unfortunately, the available software and technologies for pr firms are antiquated and lack ingenuity. Journalists publish thousands of queries every day, and going through them can take precious hours. Even the top pr firms waste so much time painstakingly going through these queries. It seems like the only way to get a sense of what journalists 
  • What this app does
    • How it will be useful

-How creating a tool that organizes the information journalists know what articles they have been writing helps us and other pr companies do their job efficiently. Building the tools for tomorrow. Constantly improving our offerings.. 

-Our strategy when it comes to segmenting target data, writing compelling copy, and delivering results. We can write in the text a walk-through of this process without name-dropping the software we use to do it.. This will be good for SEO 

  • Our Innovations

    • Our team is actively invested in building the best tools to help you better understand the world of public relations. Last month our incredible data scientist finished up an application that allows us to track a reporter’s beat using data from HARO. This allows us to create more successful outreach copy for our clients, and better analyze trends in the news cycle. Available at: – this web app links to an API of updating reporter queries. You can use is 
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