When can I expect results?

WIthin 7-14 days you’ll start seeing interviews with top tier media outlets that receive a minimum view traffic of 50,000 per month. Publication of interview can take anywhere from 2-60 days depending on the urgency of the article, and wishes from the periodical’s editor. 

How do you ensure reporters are going to write about us?

Interesting companies have typically received some sort of funding. Reporters like to write about interesting things when presented to them in the right way. Our one two punch of good writing, a segmented approach and a brand reputation that has landed us relationships with over 500 reporters gives us the ability to guarantee press coverage for your business.

How can I track the work you do?

We record our daily reporter interactions with each client in a shared spreadsheet for complete transparency. We also send out newsletters summarizing the work we have done for our clients on a monthly basis.

When can I expect to see results?

We start working for our clients the day they sign up, and get interviews set up within a week or less.

How do I sign up?

Schedule an appointment at the bottom of the Home page, and find a time in our calendar that works for you!

How easy is it to cancel?

We offer month-to-month engagements so you can feel free to try us out and see if we’re the right fit for you.

What are the different package costs and what do they include?

We start working for our clients the day they sign up, and get interviews set up within a week or less.

How do I know how many people are reading my articles?

We use SEM Rush to see the monthly view traffic on a publication before scheduling it with you to make sure the publication is relevant. We subscribe to coverage books which allows us to see the views your article receives after publication. We use MuckRack to make sure the journalist interviewing you is relevant and has a following.

Who will be the media spokesperson for our company?

We provide a committed team of media managers with backgrounds in marketing and journalism, whose priority is to prepare you for the meetings they facilitate.

What information do you require from us?

All we need from you is a time to sit down and meet with the team!