Public relations can very often lack transparency and organization. However, through linking the API of popular reporter query tools, we are able to provide invaluable metrics to our clients and investors on media trends in ways that have never been seen. 

PR firms in Boston and PR Agencies in NY spend painstaking hours going through these live reporter feeds in order to drive leads for their clientele. Good copy, an interesting client, and reputation determine whether your queries are picked up by the media. Simply research terms like ‘NFT,’ ‘Wall St. Journal’, or your favorite reporter to see what’s been on their mind. 

HARO produces approximately 100,000 queries per year, and a tool that organizes and models these trends has been long overdue. Our unique web app allows you to sort through these queries while showing the rise of certain trends in the media, like the tremendous rise in NFT coverage in February and March. Happy searching!

Nima Olumi

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