1. Our strategy when it comes to segmenting target data, writing compelling copy, and delivering results.. We can write in the text a walk-through of this process without name-dropping the software we use to do it.. This will be good for SEO 
  2. The top PR agencies in Boston and PR agencies in NY know that outreach is key. They are constantly reaching out to journalists to introduce them to clients, passing on clients’ press releases, and maintaining these relationships long-term. In this world of constant outreach, it’s easy to fall into the trap of cookie-cutter email templates with cut and pasted messages. 
  3. We at Lightyear Strategies have developed a better form of outreach. Using genuine personalization, we are able to tailor our outreach to specific audiences, journalists, and media organizations. This lets us show journalists that we really care about what they’re writing about, helping us strengthen long-term relationships with them. 
  4. And the results speak for themselves. With genuine personalization, we increased our email open rate from ___% to ___%. 
  5. Public Relations Technology  – available software are antiquated and lack ingenuity.. 
Nima Olumi

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